Conversion Rates

Having an e-commerce app integrations such as social media and product videos can help your business increase its conversion rates.


You can fire things like product suggestions based on a users previous browsing activity on your app, or even from previous purchases.

Rewards system

Encourage your customers! Rewards can increase loyalty to your brand, and only allowing this feature with an app can help to further drive downloads.
Keeping up with the trends
It’s quite clear that Ecommerce is changing, and mobile conversions continue to be on the rise. In 2018, mobile saw sales increase by 55 percent. It’s been said that by 2020, smartphones will account for $175.4bn USD in retail sales.

Don’t forget about the big trends in AR right now. Offering your users a personalised experience using AR could set you apart from any competition. Although it’s possible to do this through a website, it’s certainly better to use a mobile app as you can take advantage of smartphone cameras!
eCommerce App Development Agency

Imagine Digital Agency goes all in. 
Providing app development & design services for all stages of your eCommerce project.


Create marketing campaigns which require the user to engage with your brand. A perfect example could be to get your users to share an outfit photo with a community built inside of your app.

Native App

Imagine Digital develops high-end mobile applications from start to finish. Our apps in a nutshell are intuitive, engaging, and scalable.


Once you start tracking how your users engage with your app, you can begin to understand the best push notifications that will best motivate them to open your app again. You can even fire push notifications based on a customers shipping status.

QA &

We'll be testing ever tap and swipe until every last bug is fixed. We'll make sure that your mobile app is in perfect shape for its initial app store launch and that it will bring in tons of users and downloads.


Brainstorming with our clients to come up with the most creative and innovative approach.


Where our expert App developers will bring your idea to life using the best UI/UX practices.


Imagine Digital sets time aside between before the launching phase to iron out all the bugs and errors.
into the world!


The final phase, releasing your newly developed App into the mobile universe.
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Imagine Digitals clients and their results are the best proof that our methodologies work. We’ve received numerous praise from our clients and have a strong, ongoing relationship with them all.

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